Rope Access Anchor Installation

When it comes to anchor systems, most building owners, developers and builders understand that usability is the most important factor at play. Unfortunately, most anchor companies have little understanding of how their product will be used, resulting in the following issues:

  • Insufficient or poorly positioned anchors
  • Expensive and inefficient systems [overkill]
  • Complex systems needing specialized training that never end up being used


Whether you are looking for a design for a new building, would like to review your current anchor system, or want to get a second opinion on a project in progress, we will evaluate your unique situation and ensure that your anchor system is:

  • Meeting CSA Standards
  • Cost-effective
  • Optimized for regular maintenance and building access


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Rope Access Halifax Strata Buildings

Specialized Access is Halifax, Nova Scotia’s expert in innovative solutions for working-at-heights, rope access and confined space access.

All buildings require regular rope access maintenance to keep them presentable. Owners in Halifax, Nova Scotia want to maximize the return on investment of their strata dollars.  They also want to maximize the beauty of the places they live.  Over time, dark green or even black spots can become visible on the exterior surfaces of your buildings.  We recommend pressure washing and window cleaning by rope access, on at least an annual basis.

Our building maintenance professionals are IRATA or SPRAT certified rope access technicians.  They follow strict safety protocols to ensure maximum safety at all times.  This always includes a two rope system.  Rope access, AKA rappelling, or abseiling, allows our technicians the ability to get to those hard-to-reach places, where most simply would not be able.  We always work in teams.  All of our rope access team members are trained in first aid.  We are fully licensed and insured.  Our top notch safety program ensures our window cleaning professionals have the most recent and up to date training, far exceeding industry standards.  Call or email us today about your project.

Rope Access Halifax Commercial High Rise Services

Glass needs to be cleaned regularly for clients to enjoy an unobstructed view of Halifax.  Rope access, or abseiling, is the safest, quickest method for accessing these areas.  Contact us today, even if no roof anchors were installed during construction, we have creative solutions for almost all situations.  Rope Access technicians will create a caution taped area, with warning signs, below the area they are working to ensure safety of the public.  Click here to e-mail now, for a rope access quote.

Rope Access Post Construction Clean

We are experienced in dealing with challenges of a new job site and working and coordinating with other contractors. Our dedicated post-construction rope access team will seamlessly integrate with your existing team of subcontractors to ensure smooth and timely completion of your projects.

Construction processes in Halifax, Nova Scotia can leave concrete, paint, caulking, dust, and other materials on the glass.  This can be difficult to remove, especially after installation.  This is where Specialized Access’ rope access team comes in.  Using a gentle diluted acid wash, then rinse, we can remove construction materials.  Contractors will find this is a worthwhile step in the process.  Leaving clear windows, and happy customers.  Click here to e-mail us for your rope access needs, now.

Rope Access Halifax Construction Services

Whatever your height construction needs are, we are prepared to help with IRATA rope access.  If you are building in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we can help.  Painting, caulking, anchor installation, concrete repairs, leak investigation, signage installation, anything you need, our qualified rope access technicians will do the job right.  Click here to contact us about your rope access in Halifax job!

Painting via rope access is a specialist skill.

To ensure that work is done correctly, quickly and safely – you need qualified specialists. The Specialized Access team has worked on many projects including high rise elevation work, residential apartment blocks and structural steel painting. We only use products from trusted brands such as SIKA or Dulux who comply with all relevant standards and regulations. This is just one way that we deliver the top quality service that we guarantee our customers.

Painting via rope access significantly reduces the cost of the project and can be undertaken with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

You do not have to spend money on expensive machines or scaffolding. At the end of each day, we are able to pack all of our equipment up and take it with us.

We offer a range of painting services, including:

  • Building and high rise painting or repainting
  • Bridges, silos, structures, and telecom towers of any kind
  • Internal difficult and high-access painting
  • Rendering over brick, concrete, cement, and stone
  • High-rise repairs of cracks and patches
  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Restoration and painting of timber window sills and frames
  • Environmentally-safe paint stripping

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Pressure Washing Halifax, Nova Scotia Rope Access

Regular cleaning of your building’s exterior can help maintain its value by refreshing its appearance and extending its lifespan. Whether it’s concrete, sandstone, bricks, blocks or tiles, Specialized Access can safely and effectively pressure wash these surfaces on even the tallest high rise using certified rope access. Our many years of experience and combined with the technical expertise of our team ensures you will see the best possible result from our pressure cleans.

We can tailor an exterior cleaning and maintenance program for you and help you plan for any necessary future upkeep.  Contact us by clicking here to schedule your rope access pressure washing appointment now!

Pressure cleaning at heights using Rope Access techniques.

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