Sector Solutions

Expert Access, Maintenance, and Rescue Solutions for Industrial, Film, and Government Sectors

Implemented Infastructure

Our team exceeds all government guidelines and implements stringent safety procedures to maintain hospitals, schools, libraries, military facilities, and more. Count on us for concrete repair, bolt and nut replacement, caulking, and cabling services.

Detailed Inspection

When it comes to inspecting inaccessible areas such as bridges, dams, towers, or industrial buildings, we have you covered. Our experts work closely with you to develop customized access plans and ensure safety throughout the process.

Stand-By Rescue

With certified level 3 IRATA/SPRAT personnel equipped with extensive rescue training, we offer standby rescue services for challenging situations.

Film & Stunt Rigging

With experience as a riggers in the film world, we can provide the special equipment and experience needed for the specific needs of the film industry. As an IATSE member, in good standing, we are ready to adapt to any project, Canada wide.
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  1. Entertainment Rigging

  2. Rigging for Film

  3. Stunt Rigging

  4. Circus Rigging and Performance Arts

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your industrial, film, and government sectors.

We prioritize safety, quality, and customer satisfaction, and ALL our professionals are trained, licensed, and insured to handle any elevated job, delivering exceptional results every time.

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